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Success is a choice. Teenagers, students and young people setting out in the world can choose their attitudes, their goals and their priorities. Many young people are bewildered by the big choices they face. They suffer from uncertainty and low self-esteem. This course helps you to make the right choices. It builds your ambition and self-belief. There are many great tips in the 12 lectures in this course. It equips you to lay the foundations for success in life. It covers:

  • Choosing your Attitude
  • How to make Important Choices
  • How to Build Self-Belief
  • How to Set Goals
  • How to succeed at interview
  • Choosing a career
  • Writing a winning CV or Resume
  • How to get Promoted at Work
  • The Importance of Networking
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Starting your Own Business

The course is aimed primarily at students in high school or college and young people embarking on their first jobs but the messages and lessons are valuable to anyone wanting to build self-esteem and success skills.  Educators and parents will also value this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Young People, Students, Those Starting out on their Careers, Educators and Parents

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