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Learn C++ for beginners with practicals and projects.
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C++ is a fundamental object oriented programming language (OOP). Many job including web development and application development requires the basic knowledge of OOP, and learning C++ is a good idea to put your first step in the world of programming. What I am offering in this course? In this course, I am offering a wide new variety of e-learning for C++. Presently, this course is targeted to two different audience. First part of this course is targeted to the students who has basic knowledge of OOP and working in companies for development. Second part of the course is targeted to the students who are getting started in the world of programming. How this course is beneficial for you? Let me tell you, how this course could be the beneficial course bundle for you among other courses available over internet. As I said, this course can be taken by two different kind of students. So if you are totally newbie and have no knowledge in programming then this course can help you in many ways. In this course, each and every element from keywords to function, everything is explained in a very deep manner. I believe in getting the concepts instead of writing thousand of programs. Every statement in a program has its concepts and conditions to execute. We need to know how, where and why this statement is to be used in order to get better understanding. I have explained every element very deeply with thousand of examples so while learning you could get an idea of real application of the element. We will start this part from the history and introduction of C++ (Please note : Advance C++ is not included in this course presently, But I have planned the section so you will get advance C++ in future for free with this course.) Please see below the curriculum for the list of topics we cover in this course. Another part, that is for the students knowing the basic OOP or C++ is also flooded with lot of new knowledge. If you are having a good understanding in OOP or C++ then its good else I recommend you to watch the lectures of basic C++ too, to gain more knowledge and better concepts. This course could help you for mindset of a program. I worked on various positions on many companies. I know how to treat a program in a right way in order to get good outcome in a short time. You may noticed in your company that sometimes you don’t get the aim of the program and you need to search on google to understand the theory. Sometimes you get the aim but cannot write the exact code to get required functioning and output. May be sometime you are able to do both but you take a lot of time and resulting in lack of concentration. In short, you can say this course can help you in collecting raw inputs, forming output and time management. You can check below the topics we will cover in this section. What are the requirements? There is no much requirement for the course. Only you need a computer and turbo C++ compiler to compile and execute your programs.

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Aniket Sharma
C++ : Beginners guide for C++ with projects
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