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A start-to-finish ACT prep program designed to help students achieve their maximum potential score on test day.
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“My goal was to score above a 30 on the ACT and I surpassed that with the help of Master the ACT” – Aaron, freshman @ Centre College


“My ACT score went up 3 points using the strategies in Master the ACT” – Ellie, freshman @ Vanderbilt University


“Not only does Patrick cover all of the basic ACT material in detail, but he breaks down the questions until they make complete sense. There is no doubt that his instruction was a major factor in my success. Highly recommended!” – Christina, freshman @ College of Charleston


“Before this course, I was dreading the college application process. Now, I’m going into my senior year with a great ACT score and I’m actually excited about applying to schools. It’s a great feeling.” – Sean, freshman @ University of Kentucky


“I went from a 23 to a 26 thanks to Master the ACT.” – Joseph, senior at Trinity High School


Master the ACT is a comprehensive, start-to-finish ACT prep program designed to help students achieve their maximum potential score on test day. That means we’ll cover all four sections of the test in great detail, providing the explanations and strategy you need to make your ACT score stand out on your college applications.

As a veteran ACT instructor, I have spent hundreds of hours perfecting strategies and explaining concepts to students in a live classroom environment. While it’s nice to get to work with students in-person, it is very difficult to teach at a pace that is optimal for everyone. I’ve learned that every student starts at their own place with standardized tests like the ACT and has his or her own unique mix of strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, live courses are very expensive and many students never get the opportunity to enroll.

When I discovered Udemy, I realized that I finally had the opportunity to build the ideal ACT prep course – one that is affordable and allows everyone to truly learn at their own pace.

The course format and curriculum is designed around the following principles:

Uses only authentic ACT questions for practice and explanation
Every drill and practice problem set has a clear purpose
Comprehension of test material comes first, then timing and strategy
Multiple learning tools (video, audio, text, etc.) reinforce comprehension
Reviewing mistakes and learning from them is key to significant improvement
The best study plan is one that is custom tailored to match your skills, goals, and schedule

Why is The Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition) a course requirement?

The reason is simple – it is the only book on the market that contains authentic ACT questions from official tests given to students in previous years. On top of that, it contains five full-length practice tests with an explanation for every single question! Other books and companies attempt to mimic the test by creating their own ACT-style questions, but this approach is simply less effective for students.

Although this added requirement reduces the number of students able to take the course, I cannot stand behind any test prep product that does not use the authentic questions. Please message me if you are having trouble purchasing the book – I am working on creative ways to make sure anyone who wants to take this course has that opportunity!

Disclaimer: The creators of this course have no affiliation with the makers of The Real ACT Prep Guide.

Full details
To pass on expert ACT knowledge and strategy to students in an clear, efficient method
To help you achieve your maximum potential ACT score – which means more admittance letters, scholarships, and choices
To help you feel calm and confident on test day because you know that you are fully prepared
Students who are motivated to maximize their ACT score
Students who are looking for a logical, easy-to-understand study plan for the ACT
Students who learn best through multiple channels: textbook, video, audio, documents, etc

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