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An A-Z guide for Stress management, to gain clarity, transform your negative stress to empowerment. The change is here.

Is anxiety running you all day long? Is anxiety the only state you know and can be, but always wish to get out? 

However, when there is a chance to to be calm, you pick on something to get stressed?

Are you addicted to any substances, or craving and missing things?

Did you have it as you are sick of living in this stress?
Are you ready to change this and have a different experience to learn to live with deep inner peace and joy. 

I was one of you on this journey 20+ years ago. And Let me share with you all my knowledge and experience and practice here, which is scientific, yet simple and easy.

All what you need now is to believe that you deserve to have this change in your life.

If yes you are ready to begin. 

In this course we will explore together:

What is stress, and why are we reacting with negative stress?

How to get of reacting with negative stress?

How to transform negative stressors to empowerment?

How to get stress management automatic into your daily life – meditation as daily practice to rewire the mind

How does the long term journey of re-training the mind looks like in daily life.

You will have exercises to do at the end of each video which is the core of the progress you will gain from this course.

Let us learn together for your better, happier life which begins right here, right now..

Welcome you on this wonderful journey… with love and kindness.

Full details
Will be able to know what is stress, and recognize positive and negative stress in your life
Will be able to understand your own stress, as result of your childhood conditioning
Will be able to transform your negative childhood experience into empowering life instructions
Will be able to recognize situations which used to be stressing and able to chose better action
Will be able to learn the power of anchoring yourself to your breath and the present moment, which is the only stress free reality
Will have the tools to practice daily meditation to manage old stressing situations and your own anxiety feelings
Will be able to gain strength to continue on this journey once practicing daily
Will be able to have tools of awareness to self correct when slipped off
Will be able to experience the “It shall pass” on cellular level
Will have the understnading why only developing compassion towards others who are like us stressed is important,
Will understand law of attraction — and use the mirror circumstances to understand what you have to work on yourself still
Upon daily practice, will have the experience make a shift in circumstances and become a positive creator within, to create better answers, better thoughts better actions, hence better circumstances
Upon daily practice will be able to shift blaming complaining, resenting focus to gratitude, and develop abundance mentality.

Full details
Anyone who like to face their stress, learn the root causes and wanting to resolve it
Anyone who is addicted to living in anxiety and want to be able to experience living in deep inner peace
Anyone who had enough of being sick from stress and willing to do the hard work to get of being ran by the mind
Anyone who is ready and willing to practice daily
Anyone with an open mind to learn
If you are only wishing and not ready to do, this course is not for you yet.

Full details

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