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Start a photography business or expand your current one by photographing for architects and real estate agents
Lectures 63
Video 12 hours
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
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“I have never seen such a detailed and comprehensive set of lessons in all my online experiences and I have been taking courses since 2005…….Don’t look any further!” -Fran S.

“Hey Charlie, So far the course is great. Great content and clear information.” – Sean

The market for skilled architecture photographers is huge. Business is booming again in commercial and residential construction. Home builders, property managers, construction companies, hospitals, retirement communities, hotels, manufacturing facilities, magazines, and real estate ventures all have a use for architecture photography. Architecture is one of the most challenging subjects to compose and light. There are ambient light issues, color balance issues, and lighting issues.

For the photographer skilled at shooting quality photographs, there is plenty of business shooting homes, real estate, and commercial properties for architects, builders, developers, and real estate agents. Whoever you shoot for, it is all architecture photography in one form or another yet each property will have a unique set of challenges that will dictate your photographic approach.

If you wish to shoot architecture photography, then this online course is created just for you!

This Course is geared to intermediate through professional photographers.

You’ll receive a broad overview of:
Photographic lighting
Learn how to light room interiors
Compose a strong composition.
You will also learn how to see light quality
How to manage highlights and shadows
How to choose the right lighting accessory for the scene
Why use an umbrella over a light box
and manage the color of various ambient light sources __________________________________________________________

Join award-winning commercial photographer Charlie Borland as he shares his knowledge in a step-by-step approach to photographing architectural properties.

You will learn how to light an interior without the scene looking lit, how to manage lighting color balance, how to make the inside balance perfectly with the outside, how to find a storytelling angle, how to deal with poor light, how to fix bad color, how to work fast to be more profitable, and a whole lot more

You will learn how to light when there is no place to put your lights. And, we’ll show you the latest methods in using Photoshop to enhance and composite your images. ________________________________________________________________

What’s covered:

The difference between real estate photography and architectural photography
How to see light and shadow.
The different qualities of light, color balance, and color correction.
The best equipment and how it works.
HDR for architecture photography
Which light best applies to your subject.
Lighting color management: How to mix strobe with ambient light.
Lighting in offices, manufacturing plants, and home environments.
The disappearing lights technique.
How to light with strobes and how to light with flash.
and how to use Photoshop to create photos you can’t do in a single capture
12 hours of video and pdf’s

What will you learn?

There are many ways to shoot architecture photography and the method you choose will be based on how your images will be used. Are they for a realtor, a home builder, commercial developer, or maybe and architect? Depending on who you are shooting for will depend on how you approach the photography and this course covers many methods that can be applied to each type of client.

You will learn how to shoot without supplemental light.
How to process a basic digital file quickly.
How to shoot for HDR.
How to process for HDR.
How to light a room with strobes.
How to deal with reflections.
How to replace lights, lamps, and windows.
How to fix distortion.
How to fix bad color.
How to light a room with flash.
How to shoot for Photoshop.
How to use the hide-a-light technique.
And many in-depth Photoshop techniques for beautiful architecture photography.

Charlie Borland
Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography
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