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A Pragmatic Approach to the Technical SQL Server Interview
Lectures 28
Video 1 hour
Skill Level Intermediate Level
Languages English
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Be able to answer many real world SQL Server interview questions.
Understand how the buffer pool works and answer many questions around the storage engine.
Feel more confident heading into the Technical SQL Server Interview.

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This course can be taken by anyone but was designed for mid-level to senior level SQL Server resources.
Prior knowledge of SQL Server is strongly recommended.
Reviews from other courses: 

“Honestly Mike your classes speak for themselves. They’re informative, concise and just really well put together. They’re exactly the kind of courses I look for.” -Alex El

This is a great course so far. Mike explains the content very well. – Doug

Course Summary

All videos filmed in 1080 and audio is crystal clear.

In this course we will move beyond the simplistic responses given by most SQL Server DBA candidates. 

We are going to give the answer the interviewer is looking for while adding a sentence or two more to reinforce to the interviewer our solid understanding of the concept. 

In the course we will be word smithing our way to an offer by adding additional pieces of information to every one of our interview questions. 

Here’s an example: What is SQL Server Profiler? We could simply say… it’s a tool that allows us to capture data about events. 

While that would be correct we are going to add to it and communicate to the interviewer that while it’s a great tool we know of and have used other options. 

Here the new response. Profiler is graphical tool for capturing the transactions running on an instance. However, it’s a very heavy tool and I’ll often use Adam Machanics’s sp_whoisactive’s quick debug feature to capture data on live boxes because it’s much less resource intensive. 

With our new answer we’ve gone far beyond answering a question about profiler. We have indeed answered the question however we’ve let the interviewer know we use sp_whoisactive and why we use it. We’ve also communicated to them we know one of the greatest limitations to profiler and we have a way around that for troubleshooting live boxes. We’ve done this is one sentence. 

Thank you for your interest in How You Can Ace the Technical SQL Server Interview. 

The first 10 minutes are free on every Udemy course. Please take a moment to watch all ten minutes to ensure this course is right for you. 

See you in the course!!

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