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A step-by-step tour of how to use photographs as a basis for writing a book. Plus, you’ll have a book to submit.
Lectures 19
Video 1.5 hours
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Languages English
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Never be afraid  of writer’s block again. You can use photographs to inspire you to write a high-quality book. And, the best news is that no one ever has to know.  If you’re writing a novel, there’s no place for a photograph,  but  your writing will sing if you use photographs to empower you to describe settings in a way that involves the  five senses, plus  more.

In this course, you actually get to watch me write a first draft of a book that kids will love to read and grandparents, parents and pre-school teachers will want to read to a child. This requires writing only 12 pages, with two or three sentences on each page.

I have fun in this course—often wearing interesting hats—because I know that some parents will want to take this course with a child, and they really enjoy that.

The manuscript that I’m writing in this course is called Trouble in Funland School. I show you how I got the inspiration to write this book from a series of photographs. Then you peek over my shoulder as I write, Trouble in Funland School, page-by-page.

This skill can easily be translated to writing novels and narrative non-fiction. It even helps  you to  write more interesting how-to books.

I give you the tools and knowledge to write your own, completely different book. As you create your own book, you may ask questions.

Children age 13+ do not need a helper.

In this course you’ll discover some things that will make it much easier to write.  Some of these things will seem so simple, and they are, but it was really hard for me to learn them by reading other books.

In this course, you get the benefit of having me explain how to create resources that will help you to write books.  This course is specifically oriented toward one type of picture books, but many of the concepts will work for writing any type of book.

It’s got a better-than-money-back guarantee. You can ask questions, and get answers.

When you finish this course, you will have everything you need to write a great first draft of the words for a picture book to read to a baby.  Enjoy.

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Write a picture book for a young child.
Build a child’s self esteem.
Transfer some of the skills that you’ve learned to writing other fiction
Transfer some of the skills that you’ve learned to writing some non-fiction
Sit back and say you’ve had a great time.
Understand how to better write a novel, short story or narrative non-fiction.

Full details
Anyone 18-35 who has important values that they may want to share with children, now or in the future
Parents who want to write a book for a child.
Grandparents who want to help a child write a book, or write a book for a grandchild.
Educators who want to discover a unique way to motivate students
Anyone who is interested in making some extra income that will gradually grow to be substantial.
Anyone 12 or over who has any interest in writing a picture book
Children aged 5 or over, with a parent, grandparent or teacher
Do *not* take this course if you are looking to get rich quick. It won’t happen.
Anyone who wants to improve their fiction writing skills.

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Let Photos Inspire Your Book – Fun Kids Book Example (#2)
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