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Dr. Scott Brown mentors you through the classic book by Nicolas Darvas; the only to document every momentum transaction.



July 29 — Adding Chapters 3 and 4 — Tuition Adjusts to $49.
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September 30 — Adding Chapters 7 and 8 — Tuition adjusts to $199.
October 31 — Adding Chapters 9, 10 & Appendix — Tuition Adjusts to $299.

New York, New York (Time Magazine), Monday, May 25, 1959, 12:00:00 EDT

RE: A Financial Documentary of the Astounding Success of Nicolas Darvas

Dear stock investor,

It was the last early summer of the 1950s.

The Darvas brother and sister dance team were as entrenched in the media then as Circe de Soleil is today. Their graceful dances delighted television viewers in Europe and America.

The Darvas name was regarded with respect in show business circles in Las Vegas, New York, Toronto and far overseas. Nicolas Darvas had cemented his name in the public conscious as one of the best dancers worldwide.

Celebrities were shocked when a full page article in Time Magazine covered Nicolas not as a dancer but as a rich stock investor “who ignores tips, financial stories and broker’s letters.” This was followed with a 1960 book entitled, “How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.” The book fell out of favor when business schools began teaching that the market could not be beaten by reasoned analysis.

And by The Way, He Made $2.5 Million in 6.5 Years.

Away from the public hidden underneath arcane math exists recent evidence from the very top of investing that Darvas was correct. See ** Moskowitz, T., Cliff Asness and Lasse Pedersen, “Value and Momentum Everywhere,” Journal of Finance (2012).

World class performance comes from world class brains. Darvas studied at the University of Budapest — the most erudite of Hungary.

He was trained not just in classical dance but also as an economist.

Economics paid less than dance. But he was a brilliant scholar with precise organization.

This allowed him to precisely document his agonies and elations on a trade-by-trade basis, “I decided I had been missing a good thing all my life. I made up my mind to go into the stock market. I have never gone back on this decision.” -Nicolas Darvas

Learn What Worked from A Major State University Finance Professor!

You can read his book but will you really understand it? Not likely.

I don’t want to push your buttons. I am just pointing out that most of my adult life has been a sole minded dedication to mastering finance.

Just read my Udemy profile. I am a finance professor at a major state university — The University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Business. We are the leading business school in the Caribbean.

Look Over My Shoulder as I Dissect Nicolas Darvas’ Secrets For You …

Thousands of MBA students grasp the deepest principles of finance in my classes. They work in diverse industries from pharmaceuticals to Wall Street.

I train these professional financial managers. And I can train you to go toe-to-toe against the wolves of Wall Street.

Level the playing field with the skills you will learn in this course. And you will improve over the years to come.

I am your ultimate financial coach. I know how to guide you through chunks of financial knowledge that are hard for all.

That’s because I have trained thousands of young adults in finance. Let me guide you through the black forest.

Here Are The 25 School of Hard Knocks Worst Challenges for Beginning Stock Investors …

Nicolas Darvas faced many of the same challenges at the start that I have. That is part of the reason that his classic book rings so true for so many stock investors in-the-know today. Here is a sample of difficulties Darvas had to overcome.

CHALLENGE #1: BLIND LUCK. The first profit in stocks Darvas landed was not from his own thought process making him naively believe investing was easy.

CHALLENGE #2: GOSSIP. Nicolas Darvas in realizing that he knew nothing about st

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