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Complete Guide to Design, Build, Monetize and Publish Professional Games Using Storyboard in Unity for iOS & Android.
Lectures 205
Contents Video: 25 hours
Other: 1.5 hours
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

** Updated May-2016 **

Unity Professional 2D Game Development Plus 7 Games Projects!

In this course you are going to design, develop, publish and monetize a complete game with 36 level and different stages with a complete story board using Unity3D UI KIT, the name of this game is “Flaty Box”, This course compatible with Unity 4.x and Unity5.


You are going to get 7 Projects worthy over $400 once you register in the course:

Flaty Box Game

Unity StoryBoard UI KIT ($75)

Draw-on-screen (50$)

Stickers 2d (35$)


Android ML App + Course ($199)

Clony Bird Game

Clony Bird Game Manual

This course is unique in its content and the first in its kind; It’s a complete project-based process to build a complete 2D game using Unity3D from A to Z. We start building the game from the ground up with a clear step by step lessons without jumping. We cover everything related to the design and development for this game starting from the design in Photoshop and choosing color palette then moving to development, configuration and integration with the professional UI KIT tools with all different components and screens and dialogs and testing of the game using Unity3D in order to let you develop a professional game with attractive user interface not in weeks or months but within a matter of few hours.

We guide you in details how to design the listing and publish the game on Google Play Store, Apple iOS Store and on Unity Asset Store which is one of the hottest markets on the web.

The Following features are supported in this game :

Supports PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
Responsive UI.
Scripting is based on C#.
Beautiful graphics & Sound Effects !
Includes Scrollable Grid for stages and levels .
Player references (Save,Load,Reset) on local files.

Game Storyboard UI KIT will make you forget the UI part when you are creating 2D/3D game. It’s using the last Unity features like Sprites, Animation with complete storyboard for your game with all required screens and dialogues.

Unity is on the top of the develop-once distribute-many platforms and it is really an awesome one-stop-shop platform and game engine for games, that is why we choose it as development platform.

Course Preparation Team:

Ahmad Naser
Baraa Nasser
Asma Hammad

Full details
Game Design and colors branding trends.
Unity3D Development Fundemantals.
Design Complete Professional Unity3D Storyboard Game.
Build Your Android Version of the game.
Build Your IOS Version of the game and XCode Integration.
Build And Sell Your Own Unity3d Package to Unity Asset Store.
Work with all types of screens (splash, about us, settings, reset, stages, levels, in game, upcomming).
Work with all types of dialogs (pause,timeout,win,lose,exit,confirmation,3 stars).
Configure game shared preferences storage to store user playing records.
Restart the game to factory settings.
Publish the game to Google Play Store.
Publish the game to Unity Asset Store.
Publish the game to Apple IOS Store.
Discover the mobile apps monetization methods.
Integrate and monetize your game with ads.
Get thousands of free app installs and traffic to your games.

Full details
Game Developers
Game Designers
Android Developers
IOS Developers

Full details

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