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Writing productivity habits to help increase the number of books you write each year
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Learn how to create a strategic plan for your writing with clear objectives
Learn how to create a daily schedule with the day-to-day tasks needed to achieve your planned objectives
Get into the habit of writing every day
Learn how to increase the number of words you write each day
Discover how you can stay ahead of the curve in your niche or sub-genre
Determine which habits you should incorporate into your schedule for a healthier lifestyle

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Self-published authors, who would like to increase the number of books they write each year
Part-time self-published authors, who are struggling to make time for their writing
Anyone who is interested in beginning a career as a self-published author
Authors who would like to stay ahead of the curve in their particular niche or genre
Authors who would like to avoid a sedentary life-style

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In Writing Productivity Habits, a course for self-published authors, I will show you the steps you need to take in order to increase your writing productivity.

You will learn Planning Habits, to ensure that you are writing regularly; Writing Habits, to ensure that you write quickly, Learning Habits, to ensure you stay ahead of the curve in your niche or genre and finally Health-related Habits, to ensure that you remain healthy and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Write More Books Each Year Using the Methods Taught in this Comprehensive Course

Ever wonder how some self-published authors manage to write as many as 10 books each year, while you are hard pushed to publish even a couple?

Or are you a part-time writer, struggling to balance your writing career with your regular day job?

Writing productivity really is a key component towards whether or not you will ultimately be successful as a self-published author.

The more books that you are able to write, the more promotional opportunities are available to you and the better chance you have of making a substantial income from your writing.

A Simple Formula For Increasing Your Writing Productivity

When you think about it, a simple formula for writing productively could be:

The amount of time you actually get to sit down and write multiplied by the number or words you are able to write in any given session.

In the course we’ll look together at how you can find the time during your busy schedule for your writing. And also how you can increase the number of words you write each time you sit down at your desk.

In the section on Planning Habits, you will learn:

How to plan your time effectively, so that you are able to dedicate certain periods of time to your writing, each and every day.
How to create a medium to long-term strategy for your writing
How to best manage a part-time career as a writer
Why writing daily is so important
How to plan your daily work schedule

In the section on Writing Habits, you will discover how the writing tool, Scrivener, can help transform your whole mindset towards writing. And in particular, I will show you:

The importance of writing quickly
How I personally increased the number of words I write every day
How Scrivener can help you increase your own writing productivity through Distraction Free Writing, Project Statistics and The Setting of Writing Targets

Although this course is primarily focused on writing productivity, it is also concerned with productive habits for self-published authors in general.

It is important that you do not neglect non-writing tasks, which are important in your life as a self-published author, and so I will also show you how you can incorporate marketing, learning and even health-related tasks into your daily routine.

At the end of each section of the course, I have included:

a Quiz – to test your knowledge of what you have just learned
a PDF – with links to the resources and tools mentioned in the section, as well as some further reading on the topic.
a Task Sheet – which sets out a number of tasks for you to complete i

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