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A complete and easy guide to Java Object Oriented Programming.
Lectures 24
Video 3 Hours
Skill level all level
Languages English , captions
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Java is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. Mastering OOP concepts and know how to apply those concepts into programming is trivial skills if you want to be a Java professional.

In this course you will not only learn all the core OOP concepts, but you will also learn how and when to transfer those concepts into Java language.

Also, I will use real life examples with images to demonstrate and elaborate on those concepts so that you can get the best understanding of OOP model.

Not only OOP concepts will be demonstrated fully in this course, you will also learning many other useful techniques such as static members, inner class, anonymous class, final modifiers, and effectively final.

I will also show you some new features in Java 8 including static and default methods in interface, and the omitting of the final keyword with the effectively final variable.

Also, I will show you with example of one of the most important principles in OOP: the open_closed principle so that you can see the power of OOP paradigm.

And most importantly, I will walk you through step by step in building a complete and working application called Book Management System. The application includes common features such as add a new book, update a book based on its ISBN, remove a book based on its ISBN, and list all the book information.

How to get the most benefits of the course?

To get the most benefits of the course, before starting the first lecture, I would recommend you to take the 50 question quiz first. Don’t worry if you never learned Object Oriented Programming before or you just have a little bit skills. Just do the quiz, if you don’t know, just guess.

After finishing the quiz, don’t worry about the results then, just take all lectures one by one to learn all the fundamentals as well as advanced techniques.

After completing all the lectures, take the quiz again to see if you make a progress. Each question in the quiz also has explanation for answers, and I would highly recommend you to read these explanations to revise what you have learned.

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Mastering Java Object Oriented Programming
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