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Leadership and PMP Skills: Manage Conflicts and Enhance Your Management Skills.
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Conflict is available everywhere. The best leaders have a well-developed capability for dealing with conflicts.

Several reasons arise from a conflict either due from complex projects, different stakeholders interests, team members with different background/experience/nationality and even virtual team members, scarcity of resources, and matrix environment.

This professional development course focuses on the approaches that anyone can use to solve a conflict.
An interest-based technique such as principled negotiation provides a model to split people from problems. In this way, we focus on the people interests, and we generate and assess options.

This professional development course will help you master, diagnose and resolve conflicts in a way that enhances team cohesiveness and increases the probability of successful outcomes.

*Many extra materials are available for download related to this course.

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Explain why conflict is inherent in matrix organizational structures.
Establish a framework for analyzing your organization for conflict.
Master the five attributes of an effective conflict management process.
Evaluate your behaviors in relation to conflicts.
Identify the five conflict-handling modes and distinguish the characteristics of each.
Explain why it is crucial to recognize and pay attention to the human factor when dealing with conflict.
Evaluate why focusing on interests, rather than positions, can help negotiators come to a mutually acceptable agreement.
Justify why it is important to create options to resolve conflict and achieve mutual gain.
Evaluate the major obstacles when generating ideas.
Define the four types of thinking that help broaden ideas.
Explain how to use objective standards in interest-based negotiation to come to an acceptable agreement.
Determine the type of behaviors and techniques good negotiators use and the types of actions to avoid.
Prove why it is important for project managers to be aware of their need structure.
Discover the several competencies leaders should possess to manage conflict successfully.

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This course is crucial for Project Managers (certified and non-certified), functional managers, and any member working in a project team. This course is appropriate for business consultants as well, mid-level managers, and anyone that wants to move into higher position.
Project Manager
Functional manager
Any member working in a project team
Business consultant
Business Development Manager
Mid-level manager
Anyone that wants to move into higher position
People who love to learn

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