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Automate Network Tasks Fast and Easy Using The Information, Tools, Libraries and Python Scripts Included In This Course!
Lectures 187
Length 10.5 hours
Skill Level Intermediate Level
Languages English
Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

* Course Went Live: April 2016. Last Update: October 2016 *

* Full Apps, Quizzes, Cheat Sheets and Final Project are included *

Before you read what I have to say, see what my students are saying about my courses:

“What an incredible value and learning experience!” by Sean A.

“Excellent material. Kudos to a great instructor with a vast level of creativity.” by Anthony W.

“I can say this man is going on smoothly and perfectly, explaining in the most empirical/foundational way.” by Kolapo A.

Are you a network professional who wants to start automating network tasks and manage network devices from various vendors?

Are you looking to become a better network engineer and start learning network programming?

Or maybe you’re seeking a raise or even a career change?

Are you here after going through my “Python Network Programming – Part 1: Build 7 Python Apps” course, which became a bestseller on Udemy and other elearning platforms?

Join thousands of successful students who have decided to upgrade their networking skills and boost their careers using this Python Network Programming course series!

Thousands of satisfied students are enrolled in my Python Network Programming Courses across the Web

Last week over 300 students have joined my courses
The average rating is above 4.5 / 5 from hundreds of reviews
Update Oct 12, 2016: Added: Video lecture: Asking For Help

“Highly Recommended!” by Noor

This course covers many networking vendors and network operating systems:

Cisco IOS
Cisco IOS XE
Cisco IOS XR
Juniper JunOS
Juniper (Netscreen) ScreenOS
Arista EOS
HP ProCurve OS
Avaya ERS OS

Save Time and Money by Writing Your Own Python Programs to Automate Daily Network Tasks. Grow Your Networking Career With Network Programming Skills! 

Bonus, You Might Even Get a Raise or a Better Job with These New Skills!

This Python Network Programming course is aimed at network professionals having little or no experience in network automation and a great desire to use Python and a lot of very smart Python modules to program their network devices and tasks. This hands-on Python Network Programming training walks you through lots of scenarios, networking vendors and useful tools to help you become the network engineer of 2017.

What’s so special about this course?

Well, let me tell you what’s this course all about:

 Learning to use amazing Python libraries and tools to manage network devices easily and without writing too much code.
 Connecting remotely to network devices and read/extract/display/store command output, using interactive Python scripts, on: Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS XE, Cisco IOS XR, Juniper JunOS, Juniper (Netscreen) ScreenOS, Arista EOS, HP ProCurve OS and Avaya ERS OS.
Configuring (one or more) network devices remotely, using interactive Python scripts, either by specifying the commands at the prompt OR asking the script to read them from one or more text files, on: Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS XE, Cisco IOS XR, Juniper JunOS, Juniper (Netscreen) ScreenOS, Arista EOS, HP ProCurve OS and Avaya ERS OS.
Executing configuration commands on multiple network devices from multiple vendors simultaneously.
Working with a device inventory in XML/JSON/CSV format and network metadata, while easily counting your registered network devices, getting device information by IP address, searching and listing device information, checking IP reachability and SSH availability and much more, using a simple but efficient tool in the Python interpreter or Linux shell.
Managing network device credentials in a centralized, encrypted file.
Managing access lists and converting access lists from one format to another using a very efficient tool (Example: Converting a Cisco IOS ACL to a Juniper JunOS ACL with a single command).
Automatically executing commands upon device login, right from the Linux shell.
Getting device interface information fast, right from the Linux s

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