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Introduction to the world of OOP – learn the theory, apply it in practice
Lectures 21
Length 4 hours
Skill Level Intermediate Level
Languages English
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Once we cover the idea of classes and objects, you are to be introduced to the basic OOP principles – encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism, The lectures are structured in a way to let you move in pace with the instructor, applying everything you have just seen by yourself. The logic of every piece of code is to be explained in details. Once the theoretical part cover, you’ll complete 3 more projects, by yourself, as I’ll be guiding you on the way. Nowadays, every programmer needs to be aware of what OOP is and how it is applied – so, why not making the first step now? 

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apply the OOP principles in practice;
design their own OOP-based programmes;
operate with the basic concepts in programming – classes, objects, overloading and overriding, inheritance and many more;
understand the logic in multi-class projects and read the code with ease;

Full details
This course is for everyone who has basic knowledge of programming (what a variable is, what an if-statement is, how a loop works).
The language we are going to use is Java, but keep in mind this is a course about principles, not about syntax.
So, anyone, with any programming background is welcome.

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