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Taking you step by step through the process. From finding a great niche, making your first sale, upto selling your site.

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Here’s My Promise: In this course, i am not going to waste your time.

Over the last year i have built and sold a website (this one) with an initial startup capital of roughly $70, that has grossed over $60,000. It has taught me how to REALLY make money online. None of the bullshit nonsense that you find in 99.9% of the ‘make money online’ articles out there. No. But how to come up with an idea that’s viable and turn that into a website that gets people to actually pull out their credit cards and pay you for what you have created. That’s what i’ve learned. And in plain simple, and sometimes playful english. That is what i will be teaching you to do.

After selling my website, i wanted to share some insights with those few people who were in the same position as me when i started (i.e. broke and without any ideas), to gain some motivation and tactics that they could use to move forward.

Here is where i did that, on reddit: Link. (I’m LeoPantero.)

It ended up becoming an extremely popular thread and is ultimately what led to the creation of this course.

In it, i hope to be as honest and as helpful as possible.

I will share the real, nose to the grindstone tactics that allowed me to build my business, such as – why i would i never hire a web designer who wears sunglasses in his/her profile pictures (funny, but true!), how i managed to grow my site to consistently high levels of traffic (up to 20,000 targeted visitors a month) without spending a penny on advertising and how i managed to get designs that should have cost me $2,000+ for less than $300.

These are the kinds of real world tactics that i will share.

I will also talk about the mental side of entrepreneurship and how you can overcome the most common roadblocks to achieving your goals. There are so many mental hurdles to overcome in order to be able to create a successful website, that i make sure to discuss this throughout the course.

My goal is ultimately, to help you get your website up and profitable, as best as i know how. With realistic and truthful knowledge.

I really hope that you benefit from it, and manage to build and (maybe) sell a profitable website as a result!

Enjoy the course!



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