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Become a social media expert to manage your online business and take it to the next level.

The 5 week social media championship programme
After 10 years of running digital marketing agency and having my first venture being used as a case study by Google and others reaching multi-million dollar revenues, I have had the opportunity to work with over 100 of the world’s best marketing minds who have been my clients and together we hashed out 50 million dollar revenues every year for businesses.
These large corporations have the impatience that is needed to succeed quarter after quarter, measuring success and learning fast while making grander visions as they grow.
I learnt all that and then found smaller businesses have this urgency missing and it’s not easy to maintain the same momentum sometimes to keep driving forward month after month.
So I have used my 10 years of working experience with world class clients and put together a course for today’s impatient entrepreneur who wants to make a marked difference in his life, family and business in the next 90 days, which I will show you is possible by leveraging the power of the Internet and social media.
I have tried to simplify the digital world into smaller sections making it possible for you to win but after these 5 weeks.
I have considered the 5 weeks as 5 different floors of your success. Your journey to the penthouse begins now.
I will be constantly there to help you climb each step with precision. After the completion of these fruitful 5 weeks, I assure you will be able to elevate your businesses and careers to higher floors of success.
So let’s get started…
Week 1 – The Foundation
Building anything requires a strong foundation which is why I call the first floor of my course as the foundation wherein I will be introducing you to the world of Digital Marketing.
In this level I will be talking about my concepts and the basics for beginners which I have presented to industry leaders, small business owners and to managements of companies like Marriott, Starwood, Thai Airways, InterContinental, Al Diar, Radisson, Four Points, Crowne Plaza, Tamarind and many more.
The first floor of my course includes:
1) The 6 circles of digital marketing success
2) The 361 degree ingredients of digital marketing (this works every time it’s a winning recipe)
3) Client profiling sheet
4) Moguls success rituals
Week 2 – Building the Pillars
The second floor is the ground floor of my course. Once the foundation is ready, I take you through the top 9 concerns that lead to failure but if you have clear answers, these 9 life changing decisions will help you win the competition.
1. What business must I do on the internet? And does my current business have potential to do well online?
2. Should I choose an agency, freelancer or in-house team? (How to measure the cost and returns)
3. How to calculate ROI on my digital marketing returns?
4. What are the top channels I should use or should I use all channels?
5. “Avi you said 50 percent business should come from online channels. What should I do to make that happen?” A question that I frequently face! The remedy answer has remained the same: reputation management of your brand, online social media, web design, and a refined content marketing strategy. I will be unfolding the concepts of these subject matter and give live examples of success here.
6. The fun part.
How can you use Facebook Live, Snapchat stories, Twitter advertising & LinkedIn marketing to grow your business in exactly next 90 days from today?
7. How do I select the keywords to be targeted on social media?
Here I will give you an insight into the hacks to understand the science behind it.
8. How important is quality content for social media and what are the best practices to generate the type of content required?
9. Sell and make money!
The importance of call to action buttons on social media.
Week 3 – Build Alliances
Every product needs a target audience and the third floor of my course has been designed to help you understand your audience. It will

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