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apply machine learning techniques and make a final prediction

Machine Learning is currently one of the hottest topics out there. From movie recommendation systems to self driving cars – technology shifts towards ML. Google, Amazon, Microsoft and co. all applying machine learning algorithms to create new products and better serve their customers. The working place of tomorrow is related to ML. No wonder that interest has drastically risen. The difficult question for beginners is how to get into it. From my personal experience the best way is to get one’s hands dirty and apply machine learning in practice. Instead of spending long hours and try to understand all theory behind it, it’s much better to simply execute it because at the end of the day, it boils down to that.
This course addresses “advanced beginners” and is all about executing machine learning in python. We cover some theory along the way but mostly focus on applying it.
If you want to start in machine learning I would recommend checking out my course “Machine learning for Beginners” first, since it covers more basics. However it is not mandatory.
Note that all my courses require to understand at least some basics of machine learning and are hands on practical coding courses. If that’s your way of learning it, than this course is for you!
Enough said. We got a lot to do. See you in the first lecture.

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