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Gamification, Solve Real Learning Problems and Motivate Learners

Become an awesome instructional designer and inspire your learners.
We share with you what it takes to create great solutions that solve real problems, how to tap into learner motivation and strategies to close the learning gap.
Engaging animations communicate the key components of this course.
You will get great sources of inspiration from the people who inspire us in your Awesome Instructional Designer Kit. You will also get an ebook that shares 9 graphic design tips to enhance your solutions.
Enrol today and become an awesome instructional designer who creates solutions that make a real difference in the lives of your learners.
Each lecture provides an overview into its idea and where applicable, examples of it applied to face-to-face training and online training. For deeper learning, we encourage students to start a discussion and share a problem where we will work with learners to solve it.
This course is free as we made it quickly to use to onboard our new team members and share insights into how we do instructional design at our award-winning studio.

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