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  • i recommend you have some background in capoeira

The library will help you reach the full understanding of the Capoeira Angola game and teach you simple and clear methods of training so you will achieve a higher level of capoeira while enjoying the process.

the capoeira angola library includes

The library is divided into 3 basic building blocks for better capoeira angola understanding. For each block, I filmed a set amount of content that you can implement in your training starting today. The library contains more than 30 different techniques!

You can choose whether you want to watch the content in order or simply what interests you the most.

Who this course is for:
  • people who wants to improve in capoeira
  • people who wants to learn capoeira angola
  • people who are looking to train from home
  • people who wants to learn capoeira songs
  • people who wants to play berimbau variations