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Master exposure by doing. Projects Included. Take control of your creativity by ditching auto & shooting manually.

Hello & welcome to my free Master Exposure course.  My name is Chris Parker and I’ve been a pro photographer for 28+ years.
In this course, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about shooting manually.  By the end of this course, you’ll be able to ditch Auto and shoot in Manual Mode.
This course will start off with the basics;  Understanding the Exposure Triangle.  We’ll also go beyond the “triangle” and learn about it’s limitations and why it’s so complicated.
Next up, learning about what an Aperture is, Shutter Speed and (the accurate and semi-technical – that most people don’t teach – explanation of) ISO.
Then, you’ll learn an easier way to understand Exposure (say good-bye to the Exposure Triangle) with 2 different analogies.  At this point, you’ll almost be ready to start shooting manually.  But first, you’ll learn about a cool tool in your camera – the Light Meter.  Plus, you’ll learn about the Exposure Indicator (and EV).
Once you’ve reached this point of the course, you’ll begin practicing what you’ve learned: in Manual Mode!
Throughout the course, there will be additional projects and supporting documents to help you understand (and retain) what you’ve learned.

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Ditch Auto & Shoot Manually 4 Full Creative Control
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