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Ignite Your Innate Healing Power Through EFT Meridian Tapping w/ Arianna from the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing

EFT Meridian Tapping is a powerful Mind-Body Tool that has helped countless individuals realize their own innate healing power. Our body has an inherent wisdom. It’s up to us to tap into it. In this course, we take that literally 😉 and utilize EFT tapping to reprogram our relationship with the things that contribute to and trigger stress, worry and anxiety. In this course, we touch upon the biological, scientific basis of EFT, the EFT method, and troubleshooting tips. This course includes an EFT guided meditation for Anxiety, Stress & Worry, along with some bonus material.
What is Mind-Body Healing?
The mind and body are intimately connected and function harmoniously. Many of us haven’t been taught to consider the mind-body connection or think of our healing in terms of it. Many of us recognize that stress isn’t good for our bodies and that our emotions play into the way we feel physically. We may recognize that we’re more likely to come down with a cold when we’re stressed or overworked, or that our pain worsens when we’re sad and anxious. These examples illustrate the mind-body connection. When it comes to healing our minds and our physical bodies, the mind-body connection becomes vitally important to consider, in fact, I refer to it as the “foundation of healing.” What I mean by this is that essentially, no matter what combination of healing modalities may be chosen and utilized, without an awareness of and respect for the mind-body connection, healing will be much more difficult than it needs to be.
I founded the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing to assist you in fostering your own Mind-Body connection and to support you in connecting to the natural source of healing within you. We all have the ability to do this.
The American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™ principles of Mind-Body Healing:
Although my focus has been primarily physical health, my clients, students and I now see that this healing is so much more expansive. We’ve learned that Mind-Body Healing invites health into all aspects of our lives: our relationships, our career, our financial situations, our bodies, and our minds. Ultimately it allows us to become more attuned to our true essence and to feel more fully, vibrantly alive. I’d love for you to experience this journey for yourself.
I look forward to connecting with you!
Sending you love, Be well.

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EFT Tapping Natural Self-Healing for Anxiety, Stress & Worry
EFT Tapping Natural Self-Healing for Anxiety, Stress & Worry course coupon
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