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How to find a job without sending off endless resumés or having a formal interview

Fed up torturing yourself by sending off endless resumés, without getting a call, let alone and interview?
Think there has to be a better way?
Well these is and it’s not done by trying to represent the richness of your skills, experience and personality in a few sheets of paper that are scanned by a machine for keywords and then….maybe for just a few seconds…scanned by a recruiter.
Your actions are shaped by the way you think about the world and your underlying assumptions. But if you are a late-20’s or 30-something professional and assume that the best way to find a job is to apply for an advertised jobs, in competition with hundreds of others, your assumptions are plain wrong.
The purpose of this course is to challenge your existing assumptions about how to find a job that you truly love. My goal is to introduce your to five mindsets, or lenses, through which to view the world of job search with fresh eyes. And if I do my job right, once you see it that way, you will be puzzled that your ever saw it any other way. You’ll say, “yes well that’s obvious!”
The problem is, if you are trying too find a job right now by applying for advertised jobs, it’s clearly not obvious…yet!
So here are five completely free videos, one each for a different mindset, each one of which will give you a new perspective. None of the videos is longer than 15 minutes and the total run-time is less than an hour.
There are no exercises. All you have to do is sit down with an open mind, watch and listen.
I hope to see you there.

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Five Mindsets To Find A Job You Love
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