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Challenge yourself and learn acrobatic skills like Kicks, Flips & Twists from the beginning on in this Tricking course.

This online Tricking course will teach you really cool tricks and acrobatic moves! You will learn the basics of kicking, flipping and twisting!
Wether you are an experienced martial artist or acrobat who just wants to add more skills to his repertoire or a complete beginner – you are going to learn everything to get started in Tricking!
Master the Tricking 101 Course and you will have the perfect foundation and knowledge to learn more advanced acrobatic skills.
While there are plenty of tutorials out there that show how to learn Tricking, it is difficult to find a comprehensive beginner course like this one. Particularly for those with no experience it is hard because there are so many different methods and you can easily get confused. This course offers a safe and efficient guideline to learn step by step. In addition to the main technical aspects of how to start correctly with kicking, flipping and twisting it also covers further information about warming-up and interesting background infos.
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The key things you will learn
Contents and Overview
This course starts from the beginning and first you will get to know a few background informations about Tricking and Martial Arts Acrobatics. You learn about what this interesting sport actually is, where it comes from and what elements it consists of.
The before starting out with the actual flipping-stuff you learn how to correctly prepare your body for the practice of the different motions. This is super important and something most trickers neglect in their practice. You learn different exercises for each part of your body all covered in a full time warm-up. Because there are many exercises it is more of a whole pot of ideas – and you can take what you like!
Once you know about Tricking and know how to warm-up you can dive into the main part of this course – the tricks! You`ll learn how to do your first basic kicks and acrobatics. From there it continues step by step with more tricks – always mixed between kicking and flipping techniques. They do all build upon each other and you just follow the lessons.
At the end when you have mastered all the tricks and feel confident about them you are ready for a little challenge. With the freshly learned tricks you try to combine them to different “combo`s”. Doing the first combo`s in Tricking is a big step and definitely gets you into the game. It`s a lot of fun and you can either try to copy some sample combo`s I`ve prepared for you or start creating your own!
If you want to start Tricking or upgrade your present training, this course is for you!
Remember it is a free course so no need for hesitation and start your Tricking career today! Try it out and see if you enjoy the course (i hope so) and have fun!

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Flips & Kicks! A Beginners Guide to Martialarts Acrobatics
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