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Sharpen You Logical Thinking and Reasoning Skills. Use Your Brain to Your Advantage!

Logic will let us analyze an argument or a piece of reasoning, and work out whether it is likely to be correct or not. We use logic because it also could show us the relationship between the parts of an idea and the whole idea.
Someone with critical thinking and reasoning  skills is able to understand the logical connections between ideas. That’s why most standardized tests include Verbal Reasoning and Math Reasoning tests: to be able to see the logical connections. 
So, if we use logic, for example, we would be able to see a relationship between a few trees and the entire forest.
These skills provide us with a basis for a ‘rational and reasonable.’
In life, these skills are vital too. Many people are taken advantage of because of their lack of critical thinking, logic and deductive reasoning. So this course will also assist you outside the class.  We often will feel, perceive, think, remember and reason in an adaptive conscious and unconscious manner. In our daily lives, when we are faced with problems or just  a situation which require a decision, we are often reminded to apply logic and reasoning for the most desired results. Hence, this is a basic reason why logic and reason are so essential in our lives.
If we apply logic to reasoning, there will be two kinds of approaches for us: deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. In this course, we will discuss both reasoning approaches and their fallacies.

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Fundamentals of Logic & Reasoning Skills
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