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How I found 3 hidden jobs just by calling 41 organizations

In this course I will teach you how to find a hidden job by contacting employers directly. It all began for me four years ago when my dear friend became unemployed. He had had a great career in the IT industry, he was in a management position as a team leader and there was no reason why his employment should have ended. Yet then suddenly the company decided to downsize and he was let go.
At first my friend was not concerned at all. He had a great CV and although he was already over 50 he was confident that a new job would emerge. He sent applications but time went by him now even getting invitations to interviews. Apparently the reason was simply because there were so many applicants for each open position.
As three years had gone by the situation started to affect even me as I become more and more stressed about it. Occasionally I advised my friend that he should call firms directly to find out about hidden jobs. Hidden jobs are those jobs that will be filled without announcing them publicly in a newspaper or a digital job board.
The only consequence of my calls was that my friend stopped answering my calls to him.
Then one day it dawned to me. If I were such a great sales guy, why would I not invest a couple of hours my work into helping my dear friend. (By the way, this idea totally removed my stress immediately. I now had a clear plan and I was now in total control of the situation. The whole problem would disappear if I kept executing my plan.)
So I asked my friend to send me his resume and with the help of the CV I wrote a short telephone script. The sole goal of the script was to be able to tell to the prospective employer my friends major strengths in three sentences.
Next I needed a list of prospective employers. This was surprisingly easy. I just searched with Google for an association of IT firms. On the website of the association there was a long list of IT firms. I went the list through and picked up firms that sounded geographically and otherwise suitable and there I had my prospect list. The website even gave the numbers to the telephone operators of the firms.
Then I started to call the firms. If it was a small firm, I asked for the managing director. If it was a larger firm I asked for the HR-person in charge of recruiting. As soon as the switchboard gave the name I asked would he or she be now available. When I was connected to the right person I then just told my script.
The results were quite unexpected. Over the weeks I made these calls I managed to reach 41 decision makers. Those discussions led to 6 interviews and my friend did not even have to go to the last one, since he got a job already from the fifth interview. Additionally later even two of the firms among the first four ones called back as they were preparing for a job offer for him.
In this course I will walk you through how to generate the list of prospective employers, how to create an effective script for the decision maker and another one for the switchboard. And most importantly, I will also teach you how to build courage to make the calls and how to sound convincing during the phone calls.
I am convinced, that if you work a couple hours in a week according to these guidelines, you will find become employed into a new job within 1-2 months. Give your self a try and take action now!

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