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A whistlestop tour of some of Scrivener’s best features for hard working writers and self-publishers just like you.

Scrivener is by far the best writer’s software on the market, for many reasons.
In this short information packed hour long presentation, author, coach and Scrivener expert, David Lee Martin, will take you on a whistlestop tour of some of the best features for hard working writers, self-publishers, and content creators, just like you.
Join right now and discover how Scrivener can lift your writing, publishing and productivity to new levels.
The ‘Get Started With Scrivener’ course is a completely newbie friendly guide taken from a webinar I ran introducing people to some of the powerful features and benefits of the Scrivener software.
In the included eBook both this, and another webinar, are also included in full. The content of these popular webinars has been used and adapted for these excellent and useful introductory courses on Udemy.
Using the webinar I occasionally refer to my more complete training guides that are both available here on Udemy, but the content of this free course is still highly valuable and actionable in it’s own right. I am sure you will love every minute of this action packed overview of this incredible software.
This particular course uses the Mac version of Scrivener, but the content and training is relevant to both the Mac and Windows version of the software.
Some of the areas covered in the training, and the free eBook you will revceive include:
1: Meet Scrivener
A whirlwind tour of the Scrivener writing environment. Surprisingly easy once you are familiar with it all.
2: Easy Ways To Get Your Content Into Scrivener
There are many ways to get content into Scrivener, in this lesson we highlight three of the quickest and easiest.
3: Become a Scrivener Formatting Superstar
A tour of Scrivener’s excellent text formatting capabilities.
4: Get To Know The Scrivener Corkboard
The corkboard is an amazing place to brainstorm and arrange your ideas. This is a really helpful lesson to have under your Scrivener belt.
5: The Scrivener Research Folder
The Research folder can hold pretty much anything your throw at it. Learn a few tricks in this lesson and supercharge your research collection and organization.
6: Organizing Your Scrivener Binder
Once your documents are safely inside the Scrivener project file, you have the ability to move them around, rearrange, merge and group, and so much more. This lesson introduces some of these amazing organization and productivity boosting benefits.
7: An Introduction To The Compiler
The powerhouse engine of Scrivener is the compiler – the ability to take one manuscript and output it for pretty much any platform, whether it be digital, print or web. This introduction removes the mystery, and opens up the hood for you to see and feel its power for your own projects.
8: Compile For Kindle Using Scrivener
One of the most popular features of Scrivener is its ability to output a perfect Kindle ready file in just a few clicks. I show you exactly how to do this with a detailed video webinar walkthrough from beginning to end.
9: Distraction Free Writing
And back to where it all happens – YOUR WRITING! Scrivener may be packed with other amazing possibilities, but it all comes back to this, and Scrivener does not disappoint. The distraction free writing mode makes crafting your written content a delight.
10: Wrapping It Up
A quick wrap up and encouragement to take what you have just learned, and put it to immediate use in your own writing life. Best of luck!
Includes Free 52 Page Ebook, ‘Get Started With Scrivener’
Written especially for people who are completely new to Scrivener, the Get Started With Scrivener ebook is a fast track eCourse to learn the basics of Scrivener and make it really go to work for you in your writing projects. As a primer to get you over that initial terrifying encou

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Get Started With Scrivener – Includes FREE 52 Page Ebook
Get Started With Scrivener – Includes FREE 52 Page Ebook course coupon
Get Started With Scrivener – Includes FREE 52 Page Ebook coupon
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