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A Beginner’s Guide to build an Authority Website and Generate Income Training Course

Here is a summary of the course which I like to call it the blueprint for building an authority website. There are seven parts in building an authority website. This course is developed and designed based on these seven parts.
Module 1 is the introduction module in which I introduce the course and lay the training outline. Module 2 is the key success factors needed to ensure your success in building a profitable website.
Module 3, Module 4, Module 5, Module 6 and Module 7 forms the core of this training. In these modules, I will teach you how to plan and target your niche area using the right approach, processes, and tools.
Module 7 and Module 8 will focus on how to develop a systematic approach to building your website and on how to create good and quality contents for your website to become authoritative. Module 9 will focus on how you can promote your website and start developing a community using various social media platforms.
Module 10 is on how to do link building to your website. It is one of the key critical areas you need to learn that will set you apart from other competitors. Module 11 is how you can monetize your website. This module will show you the basic approach to monetization and what are the channels possible for monetization of your website.
Finally, Module 12 is all about maintaining and growing your site using SEO and also Google Analytics.

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How to Build an Authority Website and Generate Income
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