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Learn how to break into finance ad get your dream job easily

Welcome to The Complete Guide: How to Get Your Dream Job in Finance Course
This course is a fully animated complete guide where you will learn everything that you need, from the education to the job offer, in order to break into the financial industry to start career and get your dream job.
We designed this course for students, professionals and for everyone who would like to start their successful career and get their dream job in finance.
By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge which will make you outstanding and exceptional among the other hundreds of applicants. Also you will be able to write a perfect cover letter and resume for a financial job application and you will be able to get ready for an interview successfully.
The course contains 4 Sections with 23 fully animated lectures and 4 bonus lectures.
Why to take this course?
Who should take this course?
How long will the course take to complete?
We would recommend you to learn this course in 3 steps.   Do not forget the goal is not to complete this course as quickly as possible, but to learn and memorize efficiently as much as possible.
Remember, the real work comes only after the course. We provide you the knowledge but the job is yours.
Section 1: Get Into Finance ~ Education
You will learn about the education in finance and the possible career paths. This section will help you to find your own way in the financial industry
Section 2: Break Into Finance and Start Your Career Before or After Graduation
In this section you will learn how to break into finance and start your career before or after graduation.
Section 3: The Complete Guide To Find Your Dream Job
This complete guide will explore the job search process, from the search to the offer, providing tips and examples along the way.
Section 4: Bonus Templates and Interview Questions Summary
You will have templates of a cover letter and two types of resume/cv, also a summary of the most common interview questions

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