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In the UK all employees recieve mandatory traing and employers are obligated to provide this…

Welcome to this course “Mandatory Training”.  This course provides 5 key areas: what, why, who, when and where.  There is one on going activity which is to keep a journal of your learning and reflection.  This course is directed at students primarily in the UK, or for anyone outside the UK planning to move into the UK to live and work.  But it is also really useful for anyone outside the UK and who would like to compare the UK systems to their own.
About Deborah; she is a qualified holistic therapies, Reiki master teacher, course creator and instructor and a retired nurse.  With over 17 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry she has much to share.  Her inspiration for creating this course, and other mandatory elements, is founded upon the disappointing and poor in house training she received that was supposed to enable her to deliver top notch in her job.  She noticed gaps in training and thought “if this is my experience then there must be others who have also experienced this” and so she wants to fill gaps in training with these courses.  The courses will be updated over time to reflect changes that arise in the UK.
This course is to provide a foundation to the mandatory training elements that students can access to supplement and support their own learning here in the UK or their own country and which provide good practices to maintain their own health, safety and well-being and that of those who they work with.

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