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Level up your javascript knowledge with the latest features provided in ES6

Hey there!  I’m Cody Seibert, and welcome to my course Leveling up to ES6!
Why you should learn ES6
ES6 is a feature set provided on top of the javascript library to provide developers with a collection of awesome new features.  ES6 will make your code clean and concise, and it will make your life easier as a developer.  It also has additional functions and features that were not even possible in prior versions of javascript.  A majority of the latest browsers now support most, but not all, of the ES6 features.  Keep that in mind since most web applications are compiled using Babel.js to provide support for all browsers and older version of browsers.
A majority of the latest libraries and frameworks are not being written in ES6, so you don’t want to get left behind.
In this course, we are going to overview a majority of the latest features provided in ES6.  The strategy I use to introduce these ES6 features is by first (when applicable) showing you how you might have used similar approaches in ES5 and then refactoring the code to resemble ES6.  I’ll explain why and when you should be using these features.  After finishing this course, you will be great at using these new ES6 features in your day to day programming endeavors.

What you will learn:
You will learn how, when, and why to use a majority of the latest ES6 features after completing this course.  Some of the features including:

Who this course it for:
This course is for students who already have a decent understanding of programming and using javascript.  If all of the following apply to you, I recommend this course:
Who this course is NOT for:
This course is NOT a complete beginners guide to learn programming in ES6.
If any of the following are true for you, I’d suggest taking some time to increase your skillset before returning to take this course:
This isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider my course since I cover a lot of good information, but just be aware you might feel lost without having some previous knowledge already.
Additional Information:
A majority of this course will be taught via VS Code with the Quokka plugin, both of which I will cover how to setup.  We will also be using the latest version of Node 8.x to run our ES6 examples.

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