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Learn How to Make Money on YouTube for Beginners – Step by Step with no Step Skipped!!

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My Story:
When I started my career as a YouTuber, it was a big flop. I didn’t get any views or subscribers in my first 3 months. There are more than 6 million active YouTubers on youtube, creating great content and making a lot of money every single month.
But when I tried to do the same thing, I failed!  I was creating tutorial videos for people who were interested in building their own websites. My competitors had millions of views and I had none! It was less than 80 – 100 views on my videos.
I tried to replicate other YouTubers content, but nothing! I uploaded at-least 50 videos in the first 3 months and had only 413 views on my channel.
What i did next:
I was badly hurt. I wanted to cry because I almost worked for 3 months on this social media platform to make money on it. But I Failed! Just look at the number of views. I was disappointed but I didn’t give up.
I took an expensive course online. which was around $899 and I learned the basic stuff which I already knew. It didn’t work.
All other YouTubers were making money online and I was failing? Something was definitely wrong.
I bought an expensive blue yeti mic and a software to make my videos better. I had only 5 subscribers at that time. I was requesting everyone to share my videos as much as they can.
People didn’t like what I wanted to share with them. They were not interested at all! I will share my 5 major mistakes, that I did when I started my YouTube Channel.
Here are the 5 Reasons Why I Failed:
Mistake 1 – I didn’t Researched for my topics i was litterly making anything. I was picking up random topics for my channel. You have to be very specific about your channel. You’re building a brand & I didn’t recognized it. I was creating content on multiple categories and it was super confusing for my Audience.
Mistake 2 – I wasn’t Consistent I wasn’t making anything consistently. i made only 50 videos in 3 months! I was slow because i was just focused on my earnings. I was checking my google adsense almost everyday. consistency is a key to success.
Mistake 3 – My goal was to make money I saw other people making money on youtube. so i wanted to do the same thing. but those youtubers were on the platforms from the couple of years. I didn’t reconized it and tried to make money fast. I was also using affiliate products, but nothing worked for me.
Mistake 4 – I wasn’t doing any SEO SEO stands for search engine optimization. I wasn’t using any type of tags or search engine friendly content. Tags, Descriptions and titles are very important for youtube search engine. YouTube is a second largest search engine on the internet. If you are not making SEO related videos, you will definately fail.
Mistake 5 – I didn’t had any story to tell People always relate themselves with some kind of story. You gotta tell some kind of story in order to succeed on youtube. Almost 90% YouTubers fail in their first 3 months. The reason is that they are not creating content, that can relate to their audiences. I was doing the same thing.
After a couple of months, My youtube channel started to grow really fast. People were referring my content to other social media platforms. My videos started to get viral and my views skyrocketed.
I went from a couple views to half a million views per month. It felt so amazing.
After getting at least half million views, I was finally able to make my first $109. I was super excited and I thought that if I can make $109, I can make more money than that.
After making my first $109, I did some very small tweaks and I was able to make my first $2000 a month! I was happy and excited – I knew that I just cracked the code and made some good money online. I checked my dashboard and I saw that every video was making money for me. It was like an autopilot – My dreams were becoming a reality.
Make Money on YouTube for Beginners
Learn how to make at-least $3000 – $5000/month on YouTube in your first 3 – 6 Months. A complete guide to starting a

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