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Learn the most common phrases used by native English speakers

Welcome to Real World English Idioms!
I’m Fiona, your course creator and instructor. I created this course for people who want to speak English how it’s actually used in real life.
I’ve been teaching English since 2008 and since then I’ve met and taught so many English language learners who have great grammar and vocabulary but struggle when it comes to communicating with native (British, North American, and Australian) speakers.
Did you know that, ‘break a leg’ means good luck? With phrases like this you can’t understand what they mean by looking at the words alone – the meaning is totally different!
That’s why I created this course – to help people communicate using the idiomatic phrases that the English language is full of.
In this course you will learn 100 English idioms that are commonly used by British, North American, and Australian Speakers every day.
In each video lesson you will learn 4 English idioms. Each idiom is presented and shown with two examples; one in everyday speech and the other in writing. Then there 16 questions for you to practice using each idiom – these are part of each video lesson. You can record your answers on the downloadable answer sheet and in the grade book (which will calculate your score) if you like.
The course is divided into 6 sections and at the end of each section is a mini quiz to test your understanding of the phrases you’ve learned.
Finally, I’ve included an ebook of all phrases covered in the course which you can download and keep!
So what are you waiting for? Join Real World English Idioms and start speaking English with the world!

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