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Our environment

In this course you are going to learn every thing about environment, such as, the components that belong to this, and those ones are, the pollutants, which is really important because you will know the meaning that has this term on environment, as well as, the health matter in our life, then we know the different types of pollutants. The oil spill is included in this point of the course, because it is a another way to contaminate our environment, then is produce the global warming, showing us how the pollutants is destroying our world, who are the main factors of this. The natural disaster form part of this because is almost the consequences of those actions, at the end of this course you will find the environmental protection, this one teaches us which are the best ways to protect our world.

Katerin Salmerón
Erick Chávez
Kimberly Fuentes
Brenda Elizabeth Gallo Ramirez
Jesús Miguel Rivera Carballo
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