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How to start and profit from influential blog in 2018

Have you ever wanted to make money from the internet? Have you ever asked your self on where to start? Do you ever felt starting a blog is a complex process or have you ever thought that the advice you get on the internet for free doesn’t make a change in your decision?
This course is for these of you who make a change in the world. This is for those of you who have something to say to the world and in return you are willing to make the payback. This payback is in terms of money, love, appreciation from fans. This is for these who want their voice heard.
Here I will show you the process of starting the perfect blog, finding the perfect name how to build a brand so that you can be remembered, how you can make your first post and grow your blog and make money along the way.
Module 1: Pre blogging :the understanding
In this module you will learn the basics before you gets your hands on blogging. This section is not only the basics by the most necessary part. If you miss this part or if you mess it up here then you lose for life. This part you will see how you should start, how the guru started and how much they earn and how you can start too.
1-What is blog, blogging or a blogger.
2-Case: top bloggers
3-Blogging as a life style, blog for money
4-what to blog about: The three pillars of choosing a topic
5-Niches , sub niches: the top 10 evergreen and top niches and
case study
6-Build a brand, build a brand create a vision , mission

Module 2: Pre blogging: the work
In this module you will start looking around for your self. By the end of this module you will learn how to find the perfect domain name that you can live with. You will find 129 free domain names for free. We will register your domain and host it for the lowest price on best platform possible. We will also create our first blog and make it beautiful with out using any code. You will learn about using plugins and making your first page
1-Domain name, Find a great domain name
Checking availability of domain name
2-129 domain names that you can register and use today
3-Web host and the technical stuff: choosing cheapest and best platform
4-Beatifying the blog
5-Using plugins: many souls of word press
6-Pages: pages vs posts

Module 3: Blogging
By now you will be finishing the basics of your blog. Now you will create your first post. And more.
2-Where to get ideas, 5 top ways of getting ideas all day long
Module 4: After blogging
In this module you will launch your blog. I will show you how you can get traffic for free and how you should post on your blog to be in front of the competition. In the process you will learn how ot make money by using your post and your traffic.
1-Launch like a king
2-Getting traffic Google keyword
3-Getting traffic SEO blue print
4-Getting traffic social media
5-Building your list to make money
6-Track your progress
Get start now. Don’t wait. Noting will come at your rescue. You save your self. Start the dream now. And live the life you want. This course is for you. Please use it wisely.
With love.

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