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Start mastering sales with selling techniques, exercises and practical sales tools.

You will actually remember and use 100% of the information from this course. That’s not the case with most stuff you learn.
And if you think just identifying needs can’t do a lot for you, you’re greatly mistaken.
The main benefit of this course is practical tools and exercises. You will be given concrete phrases and techniques to use, not just abstract concepts, and you’ll practice them in actual assignments and quizzes. You’ll apply the course material to your industry by writing exact questions in phrases to use in your sales, so that you can start improving you sales today.
– To start a business one day is what you want.
– To become an expert in sales is what you want.
– To be able to persuade and influence people is what you want.
– To understand how persuasion works on the deep level is what you want.
– To outperform others in your work as a salesman is what you want.
It contains a ton of information about identifying needs, everything you need to know about the topic. Here’s the list:
– Who are gate keepers
– How to pass them (only top techniques)
– Sales steps and mechanics of the sale process
– Why sales steps don’t work for some people
– Deep reasoning behind identifying needs
– How to properly identify needs (tips & tricks)
– Concrete questions to ask a client
– How to position yourself properly and make an excellent first impression
– How to make a client like you a little more
– Hook up technique in great detail
– SPIN technique in great detail
90% of this material you’ll forget in a matter of days, if you don’t use it and practice it. So here’s another list:
– Gate keepers quiz
– 3 assignments to apply the techniques to your industry
– Practice test to see how well you can handle real life situations
– A bonus assignment to see how much information you can actually bring up and remember
As if that’s not enough, here’s another list:
– I personally respond to your questions within 24 hours
– It’s free
– It’s entertaining
– The course is improving constantly
– MP3 audios for each lecture
– (Coming soon) Supplementary materials for each lecture
You still have reasons not to enroll?

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