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Expected value and variance

This course is a part in a series of courses that covers a complete course in probability theory taught in the US colleges.

In this course you will learn the notions of expected value and variance. You will learn how to predict the results of random events and how to predict how much on average the actual results would deviate from your estimate.

If you are looking for an efficient way to learn/review probability theory, this course is for you. With dynamic slides instead of slower handwriting, each hour of the series covers the material of more than a week of regular live lectures! Though it is not a replacement for a live course, it is a fantastic aid.

You may review lectures as many times as you want, skip easy exercises when the material is familiar, choose your own pace! If you need help, I will answer every single question you post on the discussion board. If you are not completely satisfied, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is in the package:

more than 20 theoretic video lectures and lectures with motivations,
19 practice video lectures marked as easy, intermediate and advanced,
more than 60 pages of transcripts of video lectures,
hundreds of slides,
paradoxes, jokes, and, of course,
my help (post your questions on the board!).

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