Free Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners course

Free for Limited Time Only   Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners

Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners grounding you in the skills you need to move forwards in your 3D Maya skills


Understand and have a working knowledge of Maya
Be able to start more involved courses

This course: Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners is designed to
make learning the art of 3D modelling easy, during this course you will
learn all the major skills you need to make it possible for you to take
more involved courses.
This course has been designed in
modules meaning each lecture will show you a new skill, it is beneficial
to push these skills on your own and realy see how you can use them.
end result of this course will be that you will be able to take your
learning to the next level taking what you know from this course and
then moving onto more complex projects as you work your way from
beginner to advanced!
Waht we Cover during this course!
This course is short and to the point, great for beginners with a mind for the information to really sink in!

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Short Biography of Instructor:

UK Online Training Centre specialist in creative design and visualization software
Who am I? My Name is David Newton and I will be your course instructor, I have been training people online since 2002 with you tube and now I offer my skills to you on Udemy.
My skill sets range from Graphic design all the way through to 3D Concept, animation and rigging. I work professionally across all these fields today! so you can be assured your getting the latest skills from a professional!
Some companies I have worked for include: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, United Emirates, MOD, RAF and Pepsi as well as B2B I have done a ton of work for the B2C sector as well and still do.
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As well as Udemy I like to keep all my social media pages buzzing with updates! check out my FREE courses on You Tube and my great deals on my website!

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Autodesk Maya the Basics for Beginners
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