Free C Programming For Beginners: A Layman’s Approach course

Free for Limited Time Only   C Programming For Beginners: A Layman's Approach

C Programming fundamentals for absolute beginners using real world analogies


At the end of my course, students will be having a clear understanding of the fundamentals of C Programming

C is a basic learning for all of us before starting with anything related to programming.
The Course “C Programming Basic: A Layman’s Approach” is basically designed for beginners, students, freshers in c programming and manual testers who want to start their careers in software development.
This session helps you to understand the fundamentals of C programming by relating them to real world analogies (right from your plumber to your vegetable basket). This solves your need to understand concepts in a more easier way.
If you are not comfortable with writing programs because of the lack/difficulty in understanding of the concepts, we will be helping you to ease yourself in through the basics of the c program development world. This way you can come out of your computer programming phobia.
Here, we both as novice programmers (as absolute beginners) will approach and explore the concepts of basic functionalities of different C constructs, control statements, loops, nested loops, structures, unions, arrays and pointers.
The uniqueness of this course is you will be able to easily connect to it and would start associating the real world with the programming world.

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Short Biography of Instructor:

This is satish. I am a software developer based in India. I have got around 13 years of software development experience in programming languages like c, c++, java, shell scripting, perl and python scripting, selenium web driver. I have worked and had a rich experience with many software companies like hewlett packard, huawei, juniper networks, atos, nokia and qualcomm.  I am basically from Bangalore and my hobbies include trekking and reading books.
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C Programming For Beginners: A Layman’s Approach
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