Free Configure your MikroTik router as a Wireless Access Point course

Free for Limited Time Only   Configure your MikroTik router as a Wireless Access Point

This course guides you to learn how to configure the MikroTik router to share the internet using the wireless technology


Configure DHCP Client on the MikroTik Router
Configure DHCP server on the MikroTik Router
Configure the wireless on the MikroTik Router
Configure Network Address Translation on the MikroTik Router
Test if the MikroTik router acts as a Wireless Access point router

If you have a MikroTik router at home or at work which you don’t know how to configure it to become a Wireless Access Point Router, this course can help you to achieve this.
During this course, I am going to show you step-by-step how to configure your MikroTik router to become a wireless Access Point. We will pass through many different topics such as: DHCP client configuration, DHCP server configuration, IP address assignment on interfaces, NAT configuration and much more.
This course will help you to feel more familiar with the MikroTik router by using the Winbox tool that I am going to use it during this course.
If you have any question during the course, you can always write me and I will answer your question ASAP.

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Hello everyone. My name is Maher Haddad with a very long experience in the IT sector. I hold a Bachelor in Computer Communications and a Master in Computer science.
I work as a trainer and I hold the following certificates: CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCDA, CCNP R&S, CCDP,  Microsoft MCP, Microsoft MCSA , MikroTik MTCNA & MTCRE, MTCWE,  CWTS, GVF Level1, GVF level2, GVF Level3 and much more…..
My experience in IT goes to year 2003 and I have been working all my life for international Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) in different countries in the world.
You can visit my Facebook page as well as my Youtube channel where I set a lot of online labs.
I hope you will enjoy watching my courses.

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Configure your MikroTik router as a Wireless Access Point
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