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You already have the EXPERTISE required to make serious $$$ from the $107 Billion online course industry.
If you have been living on Planet Earth for a while now, chances are good that you’ve gone to school, worked in various industries, and have developed passions and interests of all kinds.
Congratulations! You are qualified to teach online courses right now.
You have insight and knowledge into fields of interest that other people want to learn about. We just have to get all of that great stuff out of your head (or from your research) and into an easily consumable, marketable and scalable online learning package.
Wait, slow down. Before we go hitting record with all that excitement, there are a few things you’ll want to know.
Not everyone does amazingly well in the online course game. It’s like that old 80/20 principle– 20% of online course creators tend to get 80% of the results. The reason of course is that online consumers these days are smart. They will not buy just anything from you simply because you have put it on the internet. They will sniff you out. They want to feel super comfortable before buying.
That is, if a PREMIUM course is what you’re after, your leads and prospects will have to trust you enough to purchase a BIG TICKET online item.
This is the critical part. When you sell your course as a big ticket item, the number of sales conversions required to generate 6 and 7 figures goes WAY DOWN. In fact, the top mediapreneurs and infopreneurs out there are routinely holding 6 and 7 figure launches and generating all of that delicious profit from ONE SINGLE COURSE.
How the heck do they do that?
First, they make the choice to play in a ‘bigger sandbox’. In other words, they decide to not settle for selling their course below a premium price point. Second, they have a marketing system that kicks butt.
That’s the part I’m here to show you.
By the end of this course, you will know how to do the following:

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Short Biography of Instructor:

I started the Firm Founders website to help staffing & recruitment professionals achieve more freedom and independence through entrepreneurship and lifestyle design.
In 2013 I founded LyrGroup, a workforce solutions firm in Toronto that quickly grew to revenues of $2.6M in the first year.
Since then I have been travelling with my family, consulting with other Staffingpreneurs and creating online courses. My mission is to help entrepreneurs avoid the trial & error and heartache that otherwise comes with venturing out as an independent.

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