Free Data Structure and Algorithms Analysis – Job Interview course

Free for Limited Time Only   Data Structure and Algorithms Analysis - Job Interview

Write code that run faster, use less memory and prepare for Job Interview


Write code that run faster, and use less memory
Prepare for job interview
Learn Data Structure and how to apply these Data Structures on problems in Java
Learn algorithms analysis. And how to find complexity of algorithms.
Learn Problem solving strategies

In this course you will learn how to Analysis algorithms like Sorting, Searching,  and Graph algorithms. And how to reduce the code complexity from one Big-O  level to another level. Furthermore, you will learn different type of Data Structure for your code. Also you will learn how to find Big-O for every data structure, and how to apply  correct Data Structure to your problem in Java. By the end you will be able to write code that run faster and use low memory. You Also will learn  how to analysis problems using Dynamic programming.
We will discus code complexity in Different algorithms like Sorting algorithms ( Bubble, Merge, Heap, and quick sort) , searching algorithms ( Binary search, linear search, and Interpolation), Graph algorithms( Binary tree, DFS, BFS, Nearest Neighbor and Shortest path, Dijkstra’s Algorithm, and A* Algorithm). and Data Structure like Dynamic Array, Linked List, Stack, Queue, and Hash-Table

Course Published  By Hussein Al Rubaye (Average rating- 4.9/5, Total Ratings- 813 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I have master in Software engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in US, my interesting area is teaching programming languages to develop mobile,Windows, and web apps. I am working as researcher to improve programming skills, So i want to find best and easy way to learn programming. Also i worked as web developer for 8 years.  I have apps in Google play,Microsoft store, and  Apple Store. I have more than million users who are using my apps. Also I have many tutorials on YouTube to teach programming languages. Because of my contribution in teaching programming , i Got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 2017. For more see my website.

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Data Structure and Algorithms Analysis – Job Interview
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