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Free for Limited Time Only   German Course 4 FREE!

Learn German for Absolute Beginners!


to express themselves regarding their name and ask for others names’ in German
being able to greet in German based on day time

Do you want to learn the German language in a easy way? Are the courses offered in your home town to expensive or you want flexible times? Then maybe I can help you with my Online German Language Course.
In this class you will learn the 5 ways of greetings in the German language.
Followed by a “Recap Session” where you can implement your knowledge based on the first class.
The last part contains a practical part. where you can listen and watch the “German vocabulary” , which we discussed in this class to improve your German language speaking skills!
More over you will learn how to express yourself and say your name and ask the name of others in German.
After all the theory you have to chance for practicing by listening to the German audio-visual slides, too!
Viel Spaß! Enjoy it!

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Short Biography of Instructor:

I do love studying and teaching! Besides my interest in languages I am dedicated to pass my knowledge based on my Islamic studies, reflections and experience.
I taught the German language in a University, Public Library and German Company.
I worked in a Muslim Community as an Imam and focused on youth work to assist them in reflecting and becoming their best individual human potential.
Harun German

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German Course 4 FREE!
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