Free Hacker: Ethical Hacking Course in Urdu Hindi course

Free for Limited Time Only   Hacker: Ethical Hacking Course in Urdu Hindi

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Able to know all about Ethical Hacking
After completing you can easy get idea about every thing in Hacking

You will learn about Hacker: Ethical Hacking Course in Urdu Hindi . Complete guide for Ethical Hackers, How to protect any System, Software, Web Server, Database, Website from Hackers. This course is about security of organization, Company and business. We have cover all point that will help you to become a Certified Ethical hacker.
Ethical Hacking Course Outline
Overview about Course
In this course you will learn about footprint (how to get information of computer System).Scanning Network (Find out detail of active host and Its IP address, and Port number). Enumeration (Collect information of any operating System like Username, account information and other). All get knowledge about malware, Learn what is sniffing, Hacking of Software, web server, web applications mobile platforms and networks in this course. Enjoy this course. Good luck.

Course Published  By Naeem Hussain (Average rating- 3.7/5, Total Ratings- 144 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Hi I am Naeem Hussain my education is master in computer science and I am Computer training instructor since 2012 I have created many computer courses online. My aim to provide such kind of information that people’s need . I worked for many companies and created many software. I love to teach the people and share information. I feel much pretty better when some people leart from me for something very intresting that he/she really wants to know.
Two Questions I always ask to myself (What I am and What can I do ).
I am a programmer, I make people programmer.
I am  a web designer, I make people web designer
I am a web developer, I make people web developer.
I am a Master, I make people Master.

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Hacker: Ethical Hacking Course in Urdu Hindi
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