Free How to recover deleted photos and videos: Revealed! course

Free for Limited Time Only   How to recover deleted photos and videos: Revealed!

Recovery photos and videos with easy, in 5 easy steps. MacOS, Windows and Linux!


Understand how files are stored on memory cards, and how file recovery is possible.
Recover deleted files from memory cards on Windows, MacOS and Linux
Recognize early warning signs of problems with memory cards.

Just discovered you’ve accidentally deleted precious memories from your camera video card?  Abandon all hope, or in under an hour – master the most powerful techniques to recover lost photos and videos from memory cards.
In the hands on project, you’ll use a spare memory card to:
Those with lost data can jump directly to step #3!.
We also explain exactly:
In this course you’ll need:
We invite you to join our growing student community of recovery experts, rescuing precious digital memories for yourself, your friends and family, by using this course.
Sign up right now, and we’ll see you – on the other side!

Course Published  By Mr. David Valentine (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 233 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Mr. David Valentine is an decorated Enterprise Architect with over seventeen years of experience in enterprise computing environments.  He currently works for the Province of Manitoba, in Canada where he is a responsible for the architecture of the Server and Mainframe compute environment.
Mr. Valentine has a passion for Data Science, Computer Science, Machine Learning and Data Science.  As the “Backyard Data Scientist”, he bring his experience and ability to simplify challenging technical topics to Data Science.  He’s delighted to offer the world his first course on the Udemy platform, “Machine Learning for Data Science”

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How to recover deleted photos and videos: Revealed!
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