Free Hypnosis –Improve Focus & Eliminate Distractions In Sports course

Free for Limited Time Only   Hypnosis –Improve Focus & Eliminate Distractions In Sports

Hypnosis – Improve Focus & Eliminate Distractions In Sports Using Self Hypnosis, Imagery, Affirmation & Visualization


You will be able to relax instantly using self hypnosis techniques
You will be able to reduce stress, depression , insomnia and negativity using powerful self hypnosis and affirmations
You will be able to improve focus and eliminate distractions in sports and be more responsible using powerful techniques of self hypnosis , affirmations and visualizations
You will be able to improve your overall performance in sports and be more positive in your approach without any blocks and distractions

In this course titled ‘Hypnosis –Improve Focus & Eliminate Distractions In Sports’ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn –
This video course is designed to increase your focus and eliminate distractions during sports. Being focused and confident is a state of mind and this state of mind can be improved with self hypnosis.
This course is for those who want to improve their focus and concentration in sports and eliminate negative distractions completely and achieve higher success in their games.
It is ideal for all sports persons who are mentally unable to overcome negative blocks and distractions in their specific sport.
It is also very helpful for people who want to get over depression , anxiety , insomnia , negativity and stress.
This course contains a lot of exercises and more than 30 minutes of live video content designed over 8 lectures in English including bonuses.
This course contains-
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis
Lecture 3: Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious Mind
Lecture 4: How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis
Lecture 5: How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
Lecture 6: Guided Visualization Exercise: Improve Focus & Eliminate Distractions In Sports
Lecture 7: Summary
Lecture 8: Bonus Exercise – Affirmations For Depression, Stress, Insomnia And Negativity

Course Published  By Pradeep Aggarwal (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 1,104 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

An educator, Hypnotist, NLP trainer, Business consultant, much-sought-after speaker, successful entrepreneur and a peak performance consultant to organizations, individuals and professional sports teams.
He inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal messages all over the country and abroad. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes. His 40 years of research, understanding and experience has helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfillment.
During the past four decades 19 lakhs of his educational and hypnosis tapes have been distributed. He had hypnotized hundreds of thousands of people in his live seminars and one-on-one clients.
More than 400,000 people have attended his seminars and has a personally recorded over hundred audios ranging from basic learning of hypnosis to the advanced and specialized trainer programs.

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Hypnosis –Improve Focus & Eliminate Distractions In Sports
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