Free IGCSE Physics 2. Motion course

Free for Limited Time Only   IGCSE Physics 2. Motion

Speed, Displacement, Acceleration and Free Fall and for IB and AP student motion in one dimension


how to interpret distance- time and speed- time graphs
how to calculate speed and distance

Before this lesson, students must finish measurement unit.
In this lecture, they will able to define speed, velocity, displacement, acceleration and gravitational acceleration.
Students will be able to draw graph of speed, displacement and acceleration depending on time. Moreover, they will be able to summarise displacement from speed vs time graph, and speed from acceleration vs time graph. They will be able to convert graphs.
In this lesson, we covered free fall. They will be able to make calculation about speed displacement and acceleration. They will deal with formulas, make calculations with numbers.
For IB and AP students, we covered motion in one dimension; however, we did not cover force. They will deal with acceleration without force.

Course Published  By Mr Fatih Narin (Average rating- 3.9/5, Total Ratings- 2 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I graduated from Kepirtepe Anatolian Teachers’ High School and attend Middle East Teachnical University in Turkey. I graduated from Education Faculty, Physics Education Department.
I was in classroom  for teaching even when i was students. I have prepared some educational materials. My priority is making students to love physics. Moreover, I want students to be able to see science in daily life. Therefore, it is easy to love science
I have IGCSE and IB experiences, too. I am familiar with English and international curriculum.

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IGCSE Physics 2. Motion
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