Free Machine learning and Deep learning from scratch in Arabic course

Free for Limited Time Only   Machine learning and Deep learning from scratch in Arabic

To Learn machine learning , Be a learning Machine


You’ll be aware with Python syntax and you’ll be able to program what you’ll have learned in a final project you’ll develop locally.

To provide students with an in-depth introduction to two main areas of Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised. We will cover some of the main models and algorithms for regression, classification and clustering. . Topics will include linear and logistic regression, regularization, SVMs and kernel methods, ANNs, clustering, and dimensionality reduction. The module will use primarily the Python programming language.

Course Published  By Hazem Khaled Mohamed ABDELKAWY (Average rating- 4.6/5, Total Ratings- 63 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Hazem Khaled, 29, is an experienced computer scientist from Egypt who aims to make the world a better place with his innovations. As a Ph.D student at UPEC in France , Hazem endeavors to show his students how software engineering can improve people’s lives. He is also a proven winner in his field, having won an award from Fab Lab Egypt, a high-profile center for innovators, and guiding his Helwan University team to second place in a global research competition named ‘Idea to Product.’. Beside that he got the 7th place in the 7th season of the international competition Stars of Science .

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Machine learning and Deep learning from scratch in Arabic
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