Free Machine Learning for Beginners course

Free for Limited Time Only   Machine Learning for Beginners

Learn to create your fist algorythms – hands on approach


create your first algorithms with sklearn in python
select the best features for you algorithm
improve performance on your algorithm
evaluate your algorithm

Machine Learning is one of the hottest topics in this century – for good reasons. There are a lot of interested people out there but many do not know where to start. The difficult question basically is how to start actually learning it?
Especially beginners might get discouraged because of statistics and math which is an integral part of machine learning. None the less you do not need to be a math expert to apply machine learning. This course is here to show you why.
Instead of telling you all the statistics and math behind the Algorythms i prefer to give you a much more hands on approach. At the end of the day there’s only one thing that really counts – THE RESULT.
By joining this course you get the chance to create and optimize your own machine learning algorythms. Again this course is not for students who like to learn theory. Those should rather turn to a university professor.
But if you want to actually practise machine learning and create your own models in python, then this beginner’s course is the right way to start!
I wish you all the best, enjoy the course, get your hands dirty and start coding!
I use anaconda 3 with pycharm community edition on a windows pc.
both can be installed for free, just google it.
The scikit learn library can be installed with pip
numpy and pandas should already be part of anaconda
See you in the first lecture

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Daniel is a 28 year old entrepreneur and consultant. He has a master degree in Economics as well as several additional qualifications and work experience in the finance and consulting industry. His passion is Data & Analytics and Machine Learning.
He is committed to support other people by offering them educational services to help them accomplishing their goals and becomming the best in their profession.
“Life is a journey, and I will give my best to help you on your way to your goals”

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Machine Learning for Beginners
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