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Hydro Carbons


Understand what are Hydro Carbons?
HydroCarbon Categories
Common Functional Groups
How hydrocarbon are named?

Time changes. Technology changes. Innovative idea changes. But the Fundamentals never change. Acid + Base -> Salt + Water. This is in A.D, B.C, and in any point of time in Future. Like wise, for the formation of any Hydrocarbon is always from its Fundamentals. When someone build the Fundamentals with Care, their Building will always be Mighty.

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This is Kumaresh Punyakotti and I am a Software Engineer by Profession. With my interest in the field of Organic Chemistry during my School days, I am teaching 12th Grade students on Organic Chemistry through NGOs and Public Welfare Programs at Free of Cost. I don’t like my Knowledge to die along with me alone. So, creating this course to share my knowledge with Others.
Kumaresh Punyakotti

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Organic Chemistry
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