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Delegate Your Way to More Freedom, More Money & No Joy


Select the right project to delegate and the right platform for success
Select the best freelancer without wasting hours in frustrating search
determine if you can afford to outsource
Hire and manage the freelancer to a great outcome
Give feedback or open a dispute if necessary with ease
Enjoy more time, more money and more satisfaction from your wprl!
Rescue up to 10 hours back from the abyss

You’re in luck! If the only thing holding you back from scaling your business is knowing how to outsource effectively, well, you are in the right place, my friend!
It’s so nice to meet you.  Your workday is about to change for the better!
Learn how to pick the right project for the right online freelance marketplace, select the best talent, pay what you want and get exactly what you expect.
Outsourcing is essential for entrepreneurs in 1-3 person businesses and practices if you want to earn more and not burnout while still having a life.  Today, outsourcing is so much easier thanks to both online marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr and offline marketplaces like Craigslist.
Getting trustworthy, talented help in your business has never been easier or more affordable than now, if you know how to do that effectively without wasting time or money on bad hiring.
Who am I and why should you listen to me?
Great question and smart to ask. I’m Dina, an attorney turned entrepreneur who has a successful small biz for the past twenty years. During that time I executed over 200 outsourcing successful transactions. I made plenty of mistakes so you don’t have to. I’m also the author of the only buyers guide for Fiverr and a automation tool geek. If there’s a way to do it easier, faster, better, I look for it.
What people are saying…
It gives me confidence in finding help for my two little micro-businesses and will save me so much time by cutting the learning curve significantly. Carolyn Hughes
its great was  like sitting with a stranger who then became my friend before the conversation was over  Maxine Butler
I’d be honored to take this journey by your side
Mastering this functional skill will be excellent for your business. It can also be an opportunity for you to get in the personal development you never have time for and decide how you lead best.  I’ll be right there, pointing out the shortcuts to take and the pitfalls to avoid on your way to building a business that allows you to live and work the way you want.  PS I love questions!
What can you do after the course?
What will you learn
All the course materials will be available on all devices and easily downloadable for you. No worries. The lessons are meant for use on  online freelance marketplaces, although the same basic principles apply to hiring a team offline.
Be Happy!
Imagine how happy you’ll be when you have more time to either re-invest in your biz or spend with your family. No more long to-do list. You can have that peace of mind risk-free with my 30 day money back guarantee.
Click the enroll button and let’s get this party started!

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Why pick Dina as your instructor?
Dina loves to  teach entrepreneurs how to use outsourcing to leverage their time, make more money, and bring joy into their work.
An expert in online staffing since 2008, Dina has over 150+ successful transactions on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, UpCounsel,, Time, Etc and more.
Formerly an attorney, Dina was honored as a 40 Under Forty leader by the Boston Business Journal and her work has been featured in Entrepreneur and Inc magazines.
A dynamic educator, Dina taught in the graduate program at UMass and guest lectured at Harvard and Harvard University Law School.  She counts Coca Cola, Genentech, Lexmark and the Rockefeller Foundation amongst the organizations she has consulted for and trained.

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Outsourcing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs
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